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We offer a one-of-a kind, intensive manuscript review service

Superior Medical Editing constitutes an entirely new approach to editing

Focused Approach

Unlike other services, Superior Medical Editing edits manuscripts within only medical fields, which means that each of our physician editors is a specialist and expert who can substantively contribute to your research.

Extensive Services

We go far beyond the basic editing offered by our competitors, for we provide in-depth statistical support, feedback on content from well-published Physicians, and best practices compliance editing, on top of copy-editing services.

We Understand

We have been where you are now. That’s why we have tailored a comprehensive service package to mentor and guide you through manuscript improvements and give you lifelong publishing and research skills.

We take your manuscript through a four-step review process:

Physician Review

Physician Review

 Our Academic Physicians, who have extensive clinical, research, and editorial experience at top US institutions, review your research and offer detailed commentary and feedback.

Best Practices

Best Practices

Our best practices compliance experts ensure adherence to Equator Network standards for research and reporting, and format your paper in accordance with the target journal’s criteria.

Copy Editor

Copy Editor

Our highly trained editors with a background in medical science correct language errors, adjust the structure, review background science, and provide feedback on presentation.

Statistical Review

Statistical Review

Our biostatisticians examine the statistical rigor of your paper’s tests, ensuring proper interpretation of data and conformity with imaging standards.

Why You Need Superior Medical Editing Before Submitting Your Manuscript

In the ever-increasing flood of imaging papers being sent to major journals, acceptance rates are falling to historic lows. Editors are quick to reject papers for poor statistics, redundancy, poor writing, and lack of organization. We can help you in each of these common pitfalls and maximize the likelihood of your manuscript’s acceptance, at even top journals.

Statistics Matter

Top journals have hired dedicated statistical editors and reviewers, knowing that papers with the most robust statistical analysis are cited most frequently. Poor statistics can ruin the validity of an otherwise excellent paper. We provide access to experienced biostatisticians to ensure the highest level of statistical analysis for your paper.

Publishing in Top Journals Is Extremely Competitive

Medical science is advancing at an ever-accelerating pace. Subspecialization is becoming more detailed. Therefore, editors who are generalists cannot understand or add value to your advanced science. Conversely, our carefully selected team of extraordinarily experienced editors and reviewers have remained current in this rapidly advancing environment. They can therefore optimize your paper prior to submission, even to the most demanding journals.

Focus and Subspecialty Experience Matter

Editors’ decisions about accepting or rejecting papers are often unclear. You may have had the experience of having a paper with positive reviewer comments ultimately being rejected. Our editorial staff understands reasons for accepting or rejecting a paper and can formulate your manuscripts in such a way as to avoid common pitfalls and maximize probability of acceptance.


From the perspective of someone who has edited 3 journals during his career, I can testify that there is a great need for such a service. The big “if” is whether people will recognize the value of investing in improving their manuscripts.

–Dr. Bruce Hillman

Editorial decisions made by lead physician editor.

Papers published by lead physician editor.

Years of experience of top statistical editor.

Number of words edited per week.

We Guarantee:



Personalized Attention

We focus on improving your research, maximizing your likelihood of acceptance, and mentoring you as a researcher.



Highest Standards

Your paper will conform to best practices as well as journal requirements.



Rapid Turnaround

Your manuscript will be edited and returned to you within two weeks of submission.
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