Clinical Research and Publications

We take the burdensome busywork of publishing off clinicians’ plates, allowing them to focus on patient care and high-level research contribution. Collaboration with SME makes for a dramatic increase in research productivity.


Our clients include clinicians at hospitals and private practices, academic research scientists, healthcare startups, and medical device companies.

Why outsource medical writing and research support?

The literature supports the benefits of professional medical writing, from improved writing quality to increased research productivity for overworked clinicians.

What sets us apart?

Our service is truly comprehensive. Everything in the research publication process a clinician does not have to do, we provide. We use a flexible, a la carte, customizable approach to draft and edit under the supervision of the principle investigator. We pride ourselves on our rapid turnaround time, and maximizing the likelihood of acceptance.


Literature reviews


Biostatistical analysis


Study design and feasibility


Protocols and IRB submissions


Medical writing and editing


Scientific quality control


Tables, graphs, and charts


Graphics and illustrations


Target journal consulting, compliance formatting, and submissions


Conference posters and slide decks


Physician consultation


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