Clinical Research Support

We take the burdensome busywork of publishing off clinicians’ plates, allowing them to focus on patient care and high-level research contribution and making for a dramatic increase in their research productivity.


Our Process

Once we have received the de-identified patient data and methods, and the principles investigator and medical writer have discussed the teaching point, our experts take your manuscript through a multi-step composition process.

Step 1

A research assistant reviews the literature and creates journal-compliant tables and figures.

Step 2

A biostatistician determines the appropriate tests and analyzes data collection methods.

Step 3

 The medical writer drafts the paper, consulting with a well-published physician-scientist.

Step 4

Physician consultants review the document, give feedback, and approve the final draft before submission.

What sets us apart from other writing and editing services?

Our service is truly comprehensive. Everything in the research publication process a clinician does not have to do, we provide. We take care of data analysis, background research, and manuscript drafting so you can focus on patient care.

We Guarantee:



Comprehensive, Premium Service

We focus on improving your research and maximizing your likelihood of acceptance with our expert-driven service.



Rapid Turnaround Time

We will have a rough draft to you within two weeks of receiving the necessary material.



Publication Compliance

Your paper will conform to best practices as well as journal publication requirements.
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