Our Story

Superior Medical Experts was founded by two brothers, Keith and Kevin Kallmes, in the fall of 2015. They originally aspired to create a premium medical editing and writing service which connected investigators with true experts in the field; these aspirations quickly expanded into the construction of an all-encompassing research and publication consultation service. Though the business is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, they created editing and database management software that enables them to connect with clients across the globe. This software also enables the acquisition of the most qualified candidates, regardless of geography.

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Our Vision:

To eliminate every bottleneck in the clinical publication process.

Superior Medical Experts is set apart due to its specialization in Neurosurgery, Neurology, Orthopedics, and Radiology. Our narrow focus has allowed us to build experience in these publishing avenues and to assemble a team of sub-specialists who can both contribute to substance and advise on what is needed to be published. We are an absolutely all-inclusive service, from background research, drafting, and revising to statistical testing, content-based advising, and journal-specific formatting. This allows physician authors to focus on the important interpretations and publish essential research with as little friction as possible.

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Since its inception, Superior Medical Experts has grown exponentially. Our rapidly expanding, diverse team collaborates to provide our clients with the best product possible.