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Brady Hatcher, Switchback Medical, Device Development

Brady as spent a career developing novel catheter technologies for neurovascular, cardiovascular, and peripheral vascular applications. He brings deep engineering expertise combined with comprehensive capabilities in the design and fabrication of your device. Switchback Medical helps customers meet their targets and accelerate their time to market.

  • Device Development and Manufacturing:
    • Finished Devices
    • Balloon Catheters
    • Delivery Systems
    • Reinforced and Steerable Catheters
    • Flex Circuit Technologies
    • Nitinol Components & Frames
    • Biomedical Textiles
  • BioSim Innovations:
    • Biosimulator Model Development​
    • Physician Training
    • Lab Services Utilizing Human and Animal Tissue
    • Cell, Tissue, and Organ Culture

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Ingenarious Consultants

Ingenarious consultants specializes in early stage medical devices, our expert team guides start-up companies through all stages of the product development process. Ingenarious employs a phased approach to product development that is uniquely tailored to early stage design feasibility. This approach provides a growing set of resources as the phases progress to bring your idea from proof-of-concept to clinical studies and beyond. In addition to engineering consulting services we also provide regulatory, quality and clinical consulting services. We assemble a custom team for your project that utilizes the expertise you need. Our staff includes experienced engineers in Mechanical, Manufacturing, Electrical, Software, Optics, Fluid Dynamics, Ultrasonics and Material Science. Ingenarious also provides prototype fabrication such as 3D printing, machining, silicone molding, device assembly and testing. Our full service lab can tackle prototyping challenges big and small.

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Emily Rusk, Device Development Consultant

Emily has spent 20+ years in medical device engineering and product development, across a wide range of products – from bioabsorbable drug-eluting scaffolds to complex minimally invasive delivery catheters and multi-component systems with capital equipment. She recently worked with a team that was granted emergency authorization from FDA (EUA) on a ventilator for use during the COVID-19 emergency. Emily particularly enjoys helping teams advance innovative products into the clinic.

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Volare, Inc. was founded with the vision of leveraging decades of experience in contract design, development and manufacturing to improve the medical device startup model. Volare was established to accelerate development timelines, streamline business activities, align incentives and maximize value for life changing medical device technologies. 

Volare partners with entrepreneurs with novel technologies, forming joint ventures with aligned vested interest in success. Each joint venture leverages Volare’s infrastructure to reduce upfront costs for the product development process, facility, quality system, etc. By aligning incentives for all stakeholders (founders, employees, investors, strategic partners) we can more efficiently develop novel technologies while maximizing value for acquisition in a compressed time frame. Volare’s focus on design for manufacturing saves development timelines and reduces cost on potential manufacturing transfers to strategic acquisition partners.

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