Not every medical writer is the same. Ours specialize.

Polished papers that use proper language and organization stand out to journal editors.

Our medical writers are trained specifically for clinical research.

Develop Specialized Expertise

Our focus on clinical Neurosurgery, Radiology, and Orthopedics means our writers have field-specific knowledge, which means that your manuscript will contain accurate clinical terminology and descriptions. Furthermore, this drastically reduces the time required for clients to review the final manuscript.

Pay Meticulous Attention to Detail

Your readers and reviewers expect clarity and readability. Our writers ensure correct grammar, establish appropriate use of jargon, and verify background science. They also contribute to the paper’s organization and clarity, eradicate redundancies, and satisfy word limit requirements.

Build Personal Relationships

After working with a clinician researcher on several papers, our medical writers become attuned to his or her specific needs, building a personal relationship of mutual understanding. This relationship leads to clearer communication, reduced turnaround time, and an ever-improving, personalized process.

What Our Medical Writer Focuses on for Your Paper:

Scientific Background and Language

Our writers assure that any background science relevant to the paper is properly presented, including technical and medical terminology.

Medicine-specific Practices

Like our physicians, our writers are experienced in medical publishing practices and will accord your paper with editor expectations and preferences.

Grammar, Syntax, and Word Usage

Before the final submission, our writers go over your paper with a fine-toothed comb, perfecting every detail of your paper’s language.

Foreign Language Services

If your first language is not English, our writers have experience in the extensive editing need to get from basic translations to cogent, journal-ready English.

Focus on Abstract

Abstracts are the one element of your paper that is viewed the most. Our writer will reformat, edit, and rewrite as necessary.

Overall Style Commentary

Our writer provides general guidance on the most accurate and persuasive presentation of data and arguments. 

Superior Medical Experts medical writers also review the paper to ensure that it follows best practices for research and publication as determined by your target journal.

Depending on your study type, your medical writer will determine the proper EQUATOR Network checklist and ensure that your paper meets the guidelines of one of the following:

STROBE - for observational studies

STARD - for diagnostic studies

PRISMA - for systematic reviews

CONSORT - for randomized trials