Expertise in Medical Content and Publishing

Mentorship and insight in study design, scientific content, and best practices

Superior Medical Experts is the only manuscript composition service that offers you direct access to physician scientists with the highest level of editorial, academic, and clinical accomplishment.

All of our physician consultants are:

Subspecialists in their fields

Clinicians and researchers at prestigious medical institutions

Editors with long experience at top U.S. imaging journals

Editors who each have made decisions on up to 3,000 papers

Published up to 500 papers each

Published Physicians with Editorial Experience

While many other manuscript services exist, none offers you direct access to physician scientists with the highest level of editorial, academic, and clinical accomplishment.  All of our physician consultants are specialists, work as clinicians and researchers at prestigious medical institutions, and have experience as editors at top US imaging journals. They have each made editorial decisions on up to 3,200 submissions and published in excess of 500 papers.

In-Depth Review and Personalized Feedback

Our physician consultants carefully review the content of the paper and provide detailed commentary throughout each section. Not only do they analyze the manuscript and assure its scientific validity, but they also provide mentorship and guidance in the process of publishing. They put your paper on the “inside track” by analyzing it in the same way journal editors will, allowing you to address potential shortfalls and submit a truly publication-ready paper.

Mentorship and Experience

In the intensely competitive pursuit of publishing in highly-regarded medical journals, authors must submit exemplary papers that observe imaging-specific best practices for research and reporting. Equipped with their unique insight and understanding of the editorial process at top U.S. journals, our physician consultants maximize the probability of acceptance for your manuscript while providing you with valuable feedback designed to aid you in future research and writing.

What Our Expert Physician Reviews in Your Manuscript, Post-Composition:

Journal Readiness

We review the substance of your scientific results and your research practices, and evaluate your paper against the expectations of your target journal.

Research Methodologies

We review your selection of methodology for your study and your reasoning for its importance.

Scientific Validity

We review the scientific underpinnings of your research and the validity of conclusions drawn.

Implications and Advances

Our physician elucidates the potential effect of your research and advises on how to maximize its usefulness and impact.

Content and Discussion

The most difficult task is often the interpretation and expansion from results to discussion; our physician gives specific guidance on all interpretive aspects of the paper.

Publication Mentorship

In addition to editing content, our physician also advises the best methods and goals for optimizing chances of publication. 

Wondering What To Expect From Our Expert Physician Consultant?

Here are sample comments from a paper reviewed by a radiology and imaging subspecialist:


Edit Explanation One: Study Design

 Our physician consultants scrutinize your study design based on its replicability, accounting for confounders, methodological rigor, and concordance with research practices. They also assure that you include all relevant criteria for analysis and explanations of your rationale.



Edit Explanation Two: Scientific Rigor

The strength and scope of your results is dependent on the rigor of your methodology, and is crucial to acceptance. Our physicians discern procedural flaws and determine the potential influence of your results, ensuring that your research has the maximum impact without overstretching interpretation.



Edit Explanation Three: Journal Editor Caliber

Interpretations of major findings are extremely demanding and exacting. Our physicians focus and direct your intent and conclusions, and teach you to deliver them comprehensibly and effectively to journal editors.


Physician Reviewer Sample Edits