Excellent research preceeds excellent papers

Finding the right background sources is an essential part of a well-written manuscript

Our research assistants take the taxing task of finding applicable background references off your shoulders.

Comprehensive Literature Review

Our research assistants have extensive training in literature reviews, especially for the fields of Neurosurgery, Radiology, and Orthopedics. Our experts will identify the articles that best support your research’s findings.

Table and Figure Creation

Your research assistant will compose tables concisely display your data and previous research, and will make effective use of figures to support the manuscript’s teaching point.

Journal-specific Bibliography Composition

Our research assistant will construct a bibliography which adheres to your target journal’s requirements, from reference count to unique formatting specifications.

What Our Research Assistant Focuses on for Your Manuscript.

Table and Figure Checking

Specific journal requirements are often extensive and exacting. Our research assistant will ensure that tables and figures comply with all of these requirements.

Reference Checking

Our research assistant will format references to rigid journal standards, and will also check hyperlinks and ensure the relevance of the references to your work.

Next Step Recommendations

Our research assistant will provide recommendations for future projects, so you know exactly what you need to do to meet all of your target journal’s exacting requirements, as well as how to use data and figures in a compelling manner.