Scientific conclusions are only as strong as their statistics.

Our statisticians ensure the rigor of your statistical tests and results, strengthening your paper from the data upward.

Our statistician consultants are specialists in medical science and have extensive experience in editing papers for major U.S. medical journals.

Our Statistician Consultants will focus on:

Assuring your test choices were appropriate

Your data were correctly handled

Your conclusions have solid statistical grounds.

Imaging-Focused Biostatisticians

All of our biostatisticians have been reviewing, co-authoring, and consulting on journal submissions in the medical field for over 10 years. They apply medicine-specific methodology, including Receiver Operating Curves, Bland-Altman analyses, and related techniques.

Statistical Rigor Review

Our biostatisticians conduct a statistical rigor review on your manuscript which will bolster the strength of your conclusions in the eyes of journal editors. They evaluate the appropriateness of methods utilized and confirm the accuracy of conclusions drawn. They cover everything from correcting small flaws in methodology to suggesting entirely new approaches to your research.

Verify Validity of Statistical Analysis

The validity of the statistical analysis remains fundamental to the manuscript’s prospects for influencing the medical field. Indeed, competitive medical journals employ specialized statistical editors who review provisionally accepted papers. Our statistical rigor review mimics this process by preemptively validating statistical analyses.

What Our Expert Statistician Reviews In Your Publication, Post-Composition:

Data Collection Assessment

Our statistician reviews all data collection methods and treatment of raw data.

Legitimacy of Tests

Our statistician evaluates the choices of tests and inclusion of specific analyses.

Results Appraisal

Our statistician not only scrutinizes test choice and process, but critiques robustness, interpretation, and scope of results.

Tables and Figures

Because of their intimate connection to the statistical analysis, our statistician reviews the contents and setup of your tables.

Hidden Biases

To eliminate all possible biases and limitations, our statistician uses his expertise to maximize the precision of your assertions.

Statistical Language and Presentation

Once your tests, results, and interpretations are in order, our statistician reviews the entire contents for correct statistical language and presentation. 

Wondering What To Expect From Our Statistician Consultant?

Here are sample comments from a paper reviewed by a Superior biostatistician:


Edit Explanation One: Test Methodology

The entirety of your research is built on a foundation of detailed analysis; our statisticians find all possible improvements and evaluate strength of conclusions based on effect size and appropriate application of tests.



Edit Explanation Two: Results and Interpretation

Our statisticians help clarify the research question and define the standard for significance, which is vital to the replicability and possible impact of your results.



Edit Explanation Three: Standards of Reporting

Our statisticians give you access to expert knowledge of test standards in your field. When necessary, our statisticians suggest entirely new statistical approaches, and can introduce important external comparanda.

Statistician Reviewer for Superior Medical Editing notes on manuscript being edited for journal