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What to expect when publishing with Superior Medical Experts

Our Model

We rely on a collaborative model that combines the expertise of well-published researchers and clinicians with intensive input by experienced medical writers. This allows us to optimize communication with physician authors and shoulder the majority of the time-consuming aspects of manuscript drafting while also providing a range and depth of expertise and the ability to tailor our services to each clients’ needs.

Learn More About Our Experts

Learn More About Our Experts

Our experts provide the personalized attention you need to create the best possible manuscript.

How Pricing Works:

Costs are dependent on manuscript length and complexity, and the number of experts needed. After you contact us, we will provide you with a quote that is customized to your manuscript’s specific needs.

What will I need to provide?

For the publication of a study, please provide all tables of raw data, any statistical tests, and complete study protocols. Furthermore, we may ask to hold a 30-minute phone or video interview with someone knowledgeable about the study (this can be a chain of e-mail questions if necessary). Any figures that are intended to accompany the manuscript must also be sent, with informal captions or descriptions giving enough information to identify them. We do not require, but do appreciate that a target journal be named; if one is not named, we can recommend a target journal

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